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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Friday, 22 January 2016

12 Must Have Tools for Your Nail Art Kit

12 Must Have Tools for Your Nail Art Kit

Nail art is something, which most girls love. They love to decorate the nails, which tell so much about them. If you want to try out nail art at home, here are the must-haves in the nail art kit. How much of these do you have already?

Nail art stickers - These stickers come along with an adhesive backing. One must apply them on totally dry nail polish, later sealing them using a dry topcoat. These come in plenty of designs like flowers, cartoons etc

Dotting tools - These are an absolute must in the nail art kit. These help in making dots. These usually come in a set of five each with individual sizes of 5 heads. These also aid in making some user-friendly nail designs.

Rhinestones - In your stash, add different colours, shapes and sizes of rhinestones. These all give glamour to the nail art.

Striping tapes - Striping tapes are thin and aid in giving metallic lines in the manicure. The tape also
comes in various textures and colours.

Sprinkle beads/ Bullion beads - These are tiny metal beads, sometimes also glass beads, which aid in
making accent and provide 3D effect to the nails.

Confetti glitter/ Lose glitter - One does not need to have glitter in the nail polish.  Glitter can be added to the nails in powder form. Sprinkle the glitter to nail polish with the help of fan brush. Also, you can make French tips by the application of top coat on the nails, and then, dip into glitter pots and remove the extra using a fan brush and seal it by applying one more layer of topcoat.

Nail polishes - There should be at least few good shades of your nail enamels. And do not forget to use black and white shade since they are the basic and most used ones. Also, one can add textured nails or the glitter ones.

Stamping kit - Nail art stamping includes template, scraper and the stamp. Start by stamping small and simple designs, and eventually, go on to full nail designs.

Basecoat and Topcoat – Also, include few fast and good quality topcoats into the kit. Topcoat offers
shine and extends the life of the manicure. Opt for basecoat as per your nail’s health. If they require
additional calcium then opt for the calcium builders. And never forget to apply a basecoat prior to
painting the nails.

Toothpick - This is used to create dots and pick rhinestones. They are also very good for water marbling.

Scissors - Scissors aid in picking tiny embellishments and are very handy. Sometimes when you apply decals etc they are a must.

Lint free cotton swabs - This is needed to remove polish from the nails. Lint free swab is important since an ordinary one will leave cotton on your nails and ruin the manicure.

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